ACER REPAIR CENTER MISSISSAUGA ON Discount on your land line or a free cellphone with limited minutes a month free.
To start the customer service was horrible and it was handle as something normal with acer.
As long standing consumers of Acer products we were some what amused at the problems we have been having and want to try a final time to continue our relationship with Acer.
We use your tablets here at the press mound for communication and media storage and display.
The exposure ACER received at every launch or visit was astronomical in sales and at no cost to you.
I understand that your Acer is working fine but for those of us like myself that try to format and recover and are left with a paper weight because neither partition or backup discs work might have a different opinion.
Customer Care Contacts has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the contact listings of companies and service providers.
I need a phone number to the center in order to complete the shipping form for Fedex.
What is the phone number to the Acer Repair Center in Mississauga Ontario Canada at 5540 mcadam road.
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We speciialize in Acer laptop repair and have repaired almost every Acer laptop model.
You can be assured that your downtime without your laptop will be kept to a minimum.
Here is the comple guide to reach Acer Technical support persons to get your problem solved.
Accessory Locator provide a list of related items designed to help you get the most out of your product.
The following is a list of Acer phone numbers for major countries around the world.
Having a problem receiving an window7 free upgrade on a computer purchased that has been indicated to be scheduled to receive such.
I called the service number on the acer Canada web page and of course you get someone in Texas and he advised me he had no idea if I could take the adapter there to have it replaced.
I am in Richmond Hill and dont want to make the hour plus drive if its not worth it.
I had a problem with my computer and I sent it there and they send it me back after 2 days.
In any case he said the problem was NOT NORMAL and issued a replacement which I should expect in the next week.
I checked the repair log they sent back with the laptop detailing the list of repairs that were done.
Nowhere did they mention a replaced processor nor did I even say to the Customer Service Representative that I needed a processor replacement.
The CSR comes back on the line and after speaking with the technician saying that a processor replacement will only result in an EQUIVALENT processor being put into the laptop.
I explained to the CSR that the Sempron and Turion are NOT equivalent and he agreed.
He also insulted the technicians at the Mississauga depot for not being able to read repair requests even though the problems are in ALL CAPS.
I find it odd that a senior technician would have to do this mainly cause the people who fix the laptops should ALWAYS test machines before sending it back.
This just shows that Acer DOES NOT test machines or review repair work once it is complete.
It appears that the only way a machine is going to be tested before coming back to you is if the CSR explicitly requests it in the repair request.
Apparently the CSR accidentally set the pickup for the current day rather than the next.
I have a feeling that I am going to call Acer again because this time around nothing is going to get fixed.
Acer did restore my Windows XP installation and the username they set up for me was Valued ACER Customer .
It is now supposedly on its way back from its fourth trip to Acer Repair and apparently FedEx has lost it.
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